This website is here for me to provide you with insights into the self-complaining and related thoughts of Jevan Pipitone.

Words in my mind

The following are some of the words that appeared in my (Jevan Pipitone) mind

  1. I'm a moron
  2. I'm a spastic
  3. It's true, I can't do anything
  4. I'm disgusted by your emails, why don't you put that on your webpage?
  5. What can I see, I'm picking up rubbish

The Complaining

The following are the points, features and attributes and things about me, Jevan Pipitone, that I am worried about, unfortunately they are not particularly good.

  1. I'm not very smart, and I'm not brilliant, so I probably won't be able to help you. For example, I didn't get into mensa.
  2. You probably won't contact me using the email on my website anyway
  3. Nobody wants PC support from my website
  4. People don't like to receive PC support from my website
  5. People hate the idea of contacting me using the email on my website
  6. People don't want the website service, they don't want free computer support, they don't want to pay for computer support, and they don't want to be paid to receive computer support, they don't want computer support from that website full stop
  7. I won't even get one person contacting me for computer support from my website
  8. I definitely won't get a lot of people contacting me for computer support using my website
  9. I'll never be financially rich in terms of money, because no-one wants to pay me for my time since it's not worth anything
  10. I'm free, and worthless to you
  11. I've got nothing to offer you by way of talking with you about things such as computer support
  12. Nobody wants what I've got, my past skills and experience, so you won't contact me for PC support on the email at my website
  13. Paying me, would just lead to problems all round, so no-one will want to pay me for my time
  14. My doppleganger works, so I cannot since if I work and if I was paid to work, it would stop my doppleganger from working and from being paid to work
  15. All I've got (my dopplegangers) are unemployed and disabled people, and those on the bottom end of the financial scale, so I've got nothing to offer the top professional job agencies and top companies and this includes people for PC support since you won't want to receive PC support from me since what I've got is people that are unemployed, disabled, and unskilled, and so I am of no value to you. Also in order for me to receive paid work, all my low income dopplegangers would need to receive a high income as well as me, and it would cost too much since there are huge numbers of them. Also all those who are disabled would need to recover.
  16. In order for me to do PC support for you, I would need to be able to contact and communicate with you, but people don't want me to have their email address and phone number, if I would be contacting them as part of me doing work - if it's for friendship, some people don't mind me contacting them, and if it's for a resume update, job agencies don't mind me contacting them for that
  17. My university qualifications were a waste of time, since I'm not able to use them in work
  18. I'm no good at Engineering, I'm no good at Computing, I'm no good at managing people, I can never attract volunteers to work for me on anything, and I can never attract people to collaborate on anything
  19. There are some people (e.g. my brother, and my mum, and the people that are paying me) that might not be okay in terms of health etc if I am paid for work (such as in a job or business), therefore I cannot be paid for work
  20. If I was to be paid for work, I (or my doppleganger) might get too stressed, therefore I cannot be paid for work
  21. I have a mental illness, therefore I cannot work as much, but people don't like to see me working when they see my mental illness, so they don't want me to work at all
  22. I don't seem to be able to do things to help employers and customers and clients, therefore no-one wants my services and time
  23. The Questacon in Canberra, Australia is not interested in putting me on as a volunteer or paid, therefore no-one is interested in putting me on as a volunteer or paid
  24. I'm slow, and I keep reviewing things until I'm happy with them, such as when doing Web Design, but employers don't want that, they want a quick and cheap solution
  25. When I think of what is the best thing for me and others to do, it often does not match with what the customer, client, or employer wants
  26. I don't want a job, because I like to be self-directed, for me to manage others, and for me to be the one making all the decisions. However no-one wants me to do that in a job.
  27. I like to have multiple jobs so I can keep my interest, but other people want me just to have one job.
  28. I need to work only part time or casual, presently 3 hours per week, due to my disability, but job agencies and companies want only someone that can work full time, or 20 hours per week if it's part time.
  29. I seem to have gone "up", like I am taller than everyone, and unfortunately nothing will earth me again or make me to be back to perceiving everyone as being taller than me.
  30. I can't figure out how to "do" anything
  31. I seem to get cars revving their engines and making annoying loud car noises, buses travelling too fast when I'm on them, and an unknown car suddenly deciding to drive into my home street for a short time and then leave as if they are "having a look" at me, even though I am inside the house and they are in their car in the street, I know they are there because I could hear the engine sound as they arrived and then left. If I was on a lower dose of anti-psychotic medication at one time in the past, then such stranger cars appearing happens more often. Sometimes I cannot fall asleep all night, so I do various things on my computer to keep busy, and when it gets to 7AM I hear a car at the end of my street, after that I find I can fall sleep from 7AM until midday or later.
  32. Every business or place I go to has multiple dopplegangers of me, having their own unique experiences but linked to me during the time I am in that location where we both are, also I can have bits of multiple dopplegangers from other places, bits of different people build up in me, but unfortunately they are the wrong people for me to be successful in obtaining paid work.
  33. I need to go out of my home I am living in, every day, for example to the mall for lunch or a coffee, because it's good for mental health, for example when I was living in Watson I stayed in my place for a few days without coming out, just me on my own no-one else there, and when I came out I had developed a mental illness (when it first happened), so you can see the importance for mental health of maintaining some contact with other people and coming out of my place wherever I'm living, every day. When I was in the Canberra Hospital Adult Mental Health Unit in 2006, there were other people around, I was isolated from the outside world but not from other people in the facility, which was a better outcome than that one time when I was fully isolated in my flat in Watson for a few days.
  34. If I'm having a worse time of my mental illness (for example after 12 years they had to increase the dose), everything goes wrong everywhere, there is always some excuse people make for why something went wrong for me.
  35. I thought that maybe, for my PC support website or any of my businesses and paid work, to be successful, I need to mention the keywords "go" or "not going", "small", "little", "big", "beautiful website", "brilliant", "idiotic", and pretending I already have many customers so that people will think they can just continue that
  36. I have been on a Centrelink payment so long (newstart/dole in 1994, austudy, and disability support pension from 2006) that I can't do anything else now by way of things that could make me money such as business, jobs, contracting, freelancing
  37. Having been on a Centrelink payment in another state of Australia (Queanbeyan, NSW) for a few months, could have been the cause of my mental illness since after I moved back to Canberra from Queanbeyan NSW it is not long after then I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia

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